2018 IBA Marketing Conference

2018 IBA Marketing Conference

April 25-27, 2018

#IBAMarketing – Make an impact with marketing!

Do you want to discover ways to make your marketing more impactful to increase profitability and growth for your bank. At the IBA Marketing Conference you can seek out the ideas you need for marketing that makes an impact. This year’s conference includes sessions on consumer trends, differentiating your bank’s marketing, compliance, online analytics, and driving growth with your marketing.

In addition to the information you will gather at the presentations, take advantage of this year’s Exhibit Hall for more ideas and solutions. Additional creative inspiration will come from several sessions with your peers where you will have the opportunity to learn and network from the best marketers in the state!

So, get ready to find the spark because it is time for IBA’s 2018 Marketing Conference! Register Today.

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